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Micro Business

Women Supporting Women

There are groups of foster widows/guardians that have received micro loans to start their businesses. These women meet weekly to support each other and share ideas. The loans have ranged from twenty dollars to two hundred dollars. The program requires a completion of a simple business plan that describes their product, costs, how they will operate, and pay back the loan. To date about 95% of the women have been successful in building their businesses and repaying their loans. Simply using the wisdom given to them by God, from their homes they have developed enterprises, such as, baking/selling African donuts, raising and selling guinea pigs, sewing, and selling other food items. As a result the women reported that they could now feed all of their families on a regular basis, pay back their loans and have money left. From the women’s faithful repayment of the loans, other women were blessed to receive a business loan.

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