Although Redeeming Love Ministries (RLM) serves 465 children, we have had literally hundreds of poor, orphaned children begging us to pay for them to go to school. These children meet us in the road, come to the RLM house and peep through the windows of the school buildings. We want you to know that each child that you choose to sponsor receives paid tuition to acquire an education at a local school including biblical studies, a school uniform, shoes, clothing, medical care, supplemental food for their foster family and the knowledge that you showed them God’s love.  God bless you!

$45 / MONTH



We ask you to please pray for the pastors, adults and children of DRC to receive Jesus and heavenly Father’s love, the daily counsel of Holy Spirit and to know and obey the call of God on their lives. We know that by prayer the children are destined to change the nation to God. The children have said they are so thankful that you care and are praying for those helping them. God bless you!



Gospel / Guesthouse

THE NEED  Missionaries and ministers travel to DRC to teach children, adults and pastors the Word of God. There are many additional costs associated with missionary ministry, such as, housing, food, water, travel, bibles, copies, and support staff costs.  Your help is always appreciated.  Blessings to you!



water well.png

Water Wells

THE NEED continues for clean water in the village of Ludwindja and the area of the mountain school due to the presence of parasites in the water that have caused many deaths. We are in need of five (5) water wells to be dug and equipped with filters and pumps to be located on the north, south, east and west sides of the village including one in the mountain area  Each well ranges in cost from $8,000 - $10,000.

5 wells total:



Micro Enterprise

​THE NEED: Thus far eighteen foster parent/guardians have received small business loans to start their businesses.  These loans have ranged from twenty dollars to one hundred dollars. The project requires the completion of a simple business plan that describes their product, costs, and how they will operate, pay back the loan and eventually pay for their child’s tuition.  Several others have expressed a desire to develop a business enterprise also but the pot of money is very limited.  Although most of the women have had moderate success there is still a need for training since most have operated their businesses utilizing their common senses. Therefore the needs of this Micro Enterprise program is to provide a culturally sensitive trainer of business practices to help the women think outside the box and grow their businesses.  Also needed is additional funds to make this micro enterprise available to more entrepreneurs.

To Get Started:




​THE NEED Children in the mountain region had no access to school until area teachers volunteered to teach them. Students met outdoors since they had no school building and were limited by the dictates of the weather. In 2019 when RLM heard of the need for a mountain school we began sponsorship of these children and gave bricks and materials for local residents to construct a school building. With the frame of the building up the children have begun meeting inside.  However there are no accommodations for toileting, handwashing nor clean water (see water wells). Classroom furnishings and school supplies are also greatly needed. Your help is appreciated. Thank you so much!





In 2019 RLM had its first six students to graduate high school.  In 2020, eighteen students graduated high school, many with honors.  Most of the students have expressed a strong desire to attend college for the purpose of helping others. Students have expressed their hopes and dreams to become doctors, teachers, tailors, business entrepreneurs, nurses, engineers, etc.  These young people know God and truly want to change their nation and you can help by sponsoring their college education.                    Will you help?  Thank you! And God bless you!

Tuition, Room and Board

$1,500 annually


Widows / Gardens

​THE NEED In 2020 RLM worked in cooperation with the king to identify land to make nine community gardens for the people who were hard pressed and starving during the corona virus pandemic.  Additionally based on the recommendation of RLM, the king required all people to plant personal gardens near their homes in which RLM provided training and the seeds for the families. The need is for the purchase of more vegetable seeds. 




Feeding Center

THE NEED: In D. R. Congo many infants, toddlers and young children do not reach the age of 5 years old due to premature death during infancy from malnutrition and lack of medical care.  Through the grace of God, RLM constructed a Feeding Center which opened September 2019. The feeding center is currently providing vitamin enriched porridge for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, nursing mothers and elementary children. Feeding Center staff work with the children and parents to give understanding of Bible scriptures through songs, poems, discussion and activities that teach Jesus. The amount needed to operate this program annually is below which is our need.  Thank you so much!




Recovery Home

After opening the Feeding Center, we found that several children were severely ill, beyond the point of simply receiving vitamin enriched porridge to recover.  These children were taken and admitted into the hospital where sadly two of the children died.  The hospital treated and released the other children.  We found that when the children returned to their homes/huts that the same conditions prevailed that made them ill previously.  With God’s grace and anointing, RLM has begun to build a Recovery Home for children transitioning from the their hut/home. While the child is in the care of the Recovery Home, the parent/caregiver will also receive-home visitation to include prayer, training and help to implement good nutrition, proper sanitation and the doctor’s recommendations in preparation for the child’s return. We need your help to complete the building, furnish it with items such as, beds, dressers, etc. We need to staff the home with round-the-clock care by skilled, compassionate nurse practitioners and secure on-call doctors.  


$4,400 Staff

$25,000 to finish the building


Build a Home

About 90% of the families in the village live in small huts with grass roofs. During the rainy season the roofs get soggy and leak profusely leaving many children and adults sick.  The cost to build a modest home for a family is about $6,000.