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Julie's Story

Redeeming Love Ministries to the Democratic Republic of Congo, was founded in 2012 by Charis Bible College graduate, Julie Mapatano Mwozi.

Julie was born and raised in the DRC and knows first-hand the atrocities and challenges women and children face there. For years, she and her husband dreamed of exchanging their war-torn home for the safety and freedom of the United States. In 1997, it looked like that dream would become reality when Julie’s family fled Congo and sought refuge in Kenya. However, they spent the next 3 years waiting for visas to come to the United States. “Coming to America was a dream come true for my family. Many people applied, and many starved waiting for a response. My family received this miracle!”

While living in the USA, the Mapatano family continued to monitor conditions in the DR Congo. As they saw their people suffering through disease, starvation, and government corruption, their hearts cried out, "Lord what can we do?" And Redeeming Love was born.

Despite the hardships and loss Julie’s family experienced in the US—including the loss of husband and father—Julie refused to walk away from her source of strength. “I cannot move my focus from God. I cannot forget what He has done in my life. My life is not just my own; I am here to serve and be a testimony to His goodness!”

Redeeming Love Congo partners with believers across the globe to provide orphaned children with the basic necessities and education they need to flourish. “It brings me such joy to meet the children we support. And every time we visit the DRC, more children ask us to help them. Beyond their obvious physical needs, these children need love. They need a foundation in the Word of God to help them overcome every difficulty they may face in life. They need to know someone is on their side. That’s why I founded Redeeming Love.”

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