Our Leaders

Julie Mwozi


​Julie Mwozi-Mapatano is the founder of Redeeming Love Ministries. She founded RLM in 2012. She was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In 2000 Julie and her family were given Refugee status to the United States of America where she now lives. She has been working as a nurse assistant for more than 13 years. In 2010 she graduated from Charis Bible College, earning her degree in leadership biblical studies. She has been able to travel around USA, Mexico, Nicaragua and The Democratic Republic of Congo to share the unconditional love of God. She resides in Colorado Springs with her six children.

Mary Robison

Board Member

Mary is a Charis Bible College graduate as of 2021.  She serves on the board to support Julie's vision and help with technology.  She has 3 children and is an Army wife.  Mary understands the life of an adopted child, therefore has always had a heart for orphan children.  She developed a love for Africa while serving at a pregnancy center in DC.  One of her clients was a blind woman with 4 children from Africa.  Mary plans to pursue business school at Charis to establish a learning center for struggling students.  Mary and her husband desire to bring education and medical skills to the Congo and help Julie grow the mission God has placed in her heart.

Beth Landt

Board Member

Beth Landt, a fifth generation Colorado native, received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado. She also acquired a Masters degree in Biblical Studies from Charis Bible College in 2008 and culminated her studies at Charis with an internship in Ministry. Beth was ordained by Andrew Wommack in 2012 and has served Charis Bible College as the Registrar, Dean of Women, and most recently as an Adjunct Instructor. Beth and her husband Jay are coaches at Adventures In Missions, an organization that raises up world changers by enabling them to spread the gospel and the Kingdom of God on the mission field. Beth has served on the board of Redeeming Love Ministries nearly consecutively from its conception. She has a passion for seeing peoples lives changed by knowing their true identity in Christ and understanding how much they’re loved by their Father.

Linda Washington


Since 2013 Linda has served as a board member and assisted and accompanied Julie on several mission trips to D.R. Congo. She has a master’s in education and is a graduate of Charis Bible College School of Business. Linda has worked as a national early childhood consultant and co-founded a non-profit child development center. With the guidance and anointing of God, she has developed and written children's Christian curriculum, books and games.  With the Holy Bible, the curriculum is currently being used in D.R. Congo to help the children understand God’s love, their true identity and their power and authority in Christ Jesus. In 2016 she formed the company, PACE, www.abc-Jesus.com for the purpose of supporting the spread of the gospel of the Kingdom of God in D.R. Congo and all the world.