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Mountain School

MOUNTAIN SCHOOL: $45 / month sends a child to school and feeds their family once a month

​Children in the mountain region had no access to school until area teachers volunteered to teach them. Students met outdoors since they had no school building and were limited by the dictates of the weather. In 2019 when RLM heard of the need for a mountain school we began sponsorship of these children and gave bricks and materials for local residents to construct a school building. WITH GREAT PRAISE TO GOD AND THANKS TO YOU FRIENDS the building is up, the children have begun meeting inside and a water well has been completed near the mountain school.  When you ask, how can I can help? Our answer is, please help us build accommodations for toileting and handwashing at the school, and to supply their classrooms furnishings such as desks and blackboards. They need concrete flooring and school supplies. Thank you and God Bless You abundantly!

Bathrooms: 4 for girls and 4 for boys = $1000 each

Classrooms: 6 classrooms with cement floors = $1000 each
Desks: One desk seats 6 students: 33 desk are needed: = $40 each
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