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Medical Recovery Home - $4400 monthly to support staff and materials

After opening the Feeding Center, we found that several children were severely ill, beyond the point of simply receiving vitamin enriched porridge to recover.  These children were taken and admitted into the hospital where sadly two of the children died.  The hospital treated and released the other children.  We found that when the children returned to their homes/huts that the same conditions prevailed that made them ill previously.  With God’s grace and anointing, RLM has built a Recovery Home that opened in 2021 for children transitioning from the hospital back to their homes. Within the year we have had eight children receive transitional care.  The average stay at our Recovery Center was two weeks,  While the children were in the care of the Recovery Home, the parent/caregiver also received counseling and home visitation that included prayer, training and help to implement good nutrition, proper sanitation and the doctor’s recommendations in preparation for the child’s return. We have one child currently in the hospital recuperating after surgery.  We have made preparations to bring the child to the Recovery Center after her release from the hospital.  We need your help to furnish the Recovery Home with items such as, blankets, bed sheets, pillows, buckets, table and chairs, etc. We need to staff the home with round-the-clock care by skilled, compassionate nurse practitioners and secure on-call doctors as needed.  

NEED: Monthly support and Medicines
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