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Everything we do at Redeeming Love is for the children. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me,” so we are giving them that opportunity! By providing for their basic needs, and giving each child a future hope with sound schooling and instruction in the Word of God, we will see every Congolese child bloom in spirit, soul,and body.

$45/month provides a Congolese child with:


  • School tuition & fees

  • Uniform & school supplies

  • Regular medical care

  • Nutritious food


​RLM provides homes for the orphans by matching and placing orphans and abandoned children with local widows and families in Ludwindja, D.R. Congo. RLM supports he orphans by giving supplemental food monthly to the families, paying school tuition, school supplies, and provides spiritual training, monthly medical, uniforms, underwear, socks, and shoes.

These special donations from individuals have supported the purchasing of items to improve the quality of life for the orphans and villagers, such as, shoes for the orphans; Solar Lights for villagers to have outside of their huts and homes; Pipes for Water to flow down from the mountaintop (over a mile and a half) to the elementary school; the purchase of school books for the elementary children; and the purchase of a new chalk board to replace the cracked and broken one.
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